Why choose Independent Engineering?

The recruitment market is a market with many small and a few larger players, all competing heavily. We believe that our consultants are the key to our success, through their strong personal approach. The professionalism and expert knowledge of our consultants are always at the forefront and form the basis of our distinguishing capability. This is what we are summarized:

  • focus on the banking, finance and IT industries
  • our consultants have years of experience recruiting in these specific industries
  • our consultants recruit in industries they have worked in themselves and therefore they are able to fully understand the needs of our clients and candidates.
  • our network of candidates has been built up over 12+ years. We always aim to build a long term relationship with our candidates and have already done so with hundreds of industry professionals
  • a proven track record
  • speed and efficiency combined with creativity
  • clear and honest communication.

The process of recruitment & selection is fulfilled flexibly, to the specifications of the client. A standard procedure is outlined below:

Getting acquainted

The client is our starting point. If we haven’t worked with the organisation or the specific department that is looking to fill a vacancy, we make an appointment to get acquainted. The aim of the meeting is to obtain a complete picture of the organisation/department. During the meeting we take stock of the exact requirements and wishes regarding the vacancy. Ideally, this meeting will take place with a (HR) manager of the organisation and the manager of the department that has the vacancy.

Formulating a company and function profile

Independent Engineering will formulate a company profile and extensive function profile according to the information made available. We will go through these profiles with the client and after the profiles have been agreed, they will be used to inform candidates.


Advertisement instruments:

  • Our own websites
  • Commercial job boards (off course only if the client agrees with this)
  • Advertising space on social network sites (Linkedin)
  • Our referral program
  • Printed advertisements. We seldom use this tool because bad experiences and bad costs/benefits rates

Search instruments:

  • Our own database with nearly 40.000 candidates, 95% of these have more than 2 years work experience
  • The personal network of our consultants, and the network of their network
  • Commercial databases/job boards
  • Genuine ‘headhunting’; tracking specific groups of professionals

Approaching possible candidates

Based on the company and function profiles, Independent Engineering will carry out a market scan and start to approach possible candidates actively. We approach candidates from our portfolio, candidates who express an interest in the vacancy via (internet) adverts and, as a third possibility, we can headhunt candidates.

Selection phase

The consultants from Independent Engineering will conduct an in-depth personal meeting with the selected candidates, in which we delve into the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae. We also thoroughly discuss the wishes and ambitions of the candidate. The candidate should be ready for a new career step, with personal development and growth as the most important motivations. This is how we are able to select candidates whose profile and mentality are an exact fit within the client’s organisation. If relevant, we will check the candidate’s references.

Proposing the selected candidates

The candidate who corresponds to the client’s (competence) profile and their company culture will be proposed, accompanied by an extensive motivation.

Guidance during the process

If the proposed candidates are invited for an interview, we will intensively coach them through the process that follows. Good and honest feedback from and to both parties is essential to ensure the process runs smoothly.


Independent Engineering has good relationships with renowned, independent agencies. If necessary, we can involve these during the process.

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